B.D.B - (Brown Driver Briggs) The Best Known and Most Popular Lexicon of the Hebrew Bible for English Speakers (somewhat dated)
K.B - (Koehler Baumgartner) The Most Reliable Hebrew Bible Dictionary, Available for free only in German.
Halladay - The Abridged Koehler Baumgartner Dictionary in English.
Gesenius - The Best Known Grammar of Biblical Hebrew for English Speakers (dated).
Jouon - Muraoka - The Most Reliable Grammar of Biblical Hebrew for English Speakers
Bible Portals and Link Libraries
Links to Free Bible Resources
Mechon Mamre - The Hebrew Bible with or without Masoretic Cantellation, has a Concordance Feature (Jewish Religious Site).
Biblos - A portal with many features, including a myriad of translations, concordances, dictionaries, atlases and commentaries (Christian Religious Site)
Theopedia - An Academic Encyclopedia of Bible Related Topics (Christian Religious Site)
Bible Study Tools - A Christian Portal for Bible Study with many useful Links to Translations, Concordances, Dictionaries and other Features
Link Library - A List of Valuable Links to mostly Free Bible Resources including Dictionaries, Grammars and Versions